Daily Devotions and Reflections

Perfect daily reading for the seeker of peace.

“I absolutely love this book! It is on my bed stand and I read it every single day. I like to read each day in the morning and think and apply that day's reading to my day. Marianne Williamson is a such a beautiful soul and I love her writing. I am grateful for your words of wisdom, experience and feminine sisterhood.”
(E. Novak)

The universe is conspiring in every moment to bring me happiness and peace.

The universe is not random but intentional. It reflects the will of God, the cosmic Thought driving all things toward greater perfection.

My ego mind—my own self-hatred masquerading as self-love—would point me always in the direction of fear, luring me toward the blaming thought, the attack or defense, the perception of guilt in myself or others. Its goal is my suffering, or the hell of my own illusions.

The spirit within leads only to joy, as it inspires me to see the love in everyone and the possibility of miracles that lie inherent in all things. The universe itself is the handwriting of God, as He constantly creates and re-creates the perfection that He is. Within that perfection, I have my true being, and within my true being, I am happy and at peace.

Today I will not be tempted to wander the byroads of pain, but rather I will set my feet upon the path of joy and peace. May the spirit of God protect my mind from any forces of fear that would divert my thinking. May I not be deceived into a false belief in the validity of guilt and attack, but rather may I be constantly uplifted to the divine perceptions of innocence and love. For there shall I experience the bliss of God’s creation.

– Marianne Williamson, A Year of Miracles



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