Dear Friends,

Every year since 1977, I have done the Workbook of the Course either from the beginning, moving through the 365 days of lessons one day at a time, or by opening it on any given day to wherever it may fall. This year, I decided to start on Lesson 1 again on January 1– and I thought you might want to do it with me!

Every morning you will receive a video of my reading the lesson for the day and giving you my reflections on what it means as applied to our everyday lives. Remember, you can start anytime…

Last year was tough, but let’s decide right now that this year will be miraculous. I look forward to our time together as we move through the lessons of A Course in Miracles.


It’s simple!

Every day for 365 days, you will receive a video of Marianne reading that day’s lesson from A Course in Miracles and giving her reflections on it.

You will be able to watch these videos at your leisure, as many times as you wish.


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