Your relationship to your body might be an area where your nervous system has lost the memory of its divine intelligence. As you remember your own divine truth, the cells of your body will remember theirs. The goal of this course is to remind your body of its perfection by reminding your mind of its perfection. By resetting one, you reset the other.  — From A Course In Weight Loss

Join internationally acclaimed New York Times bestselling author and lecturer Marianne Williamson for her Four-Part Online Course called THE DIVINE RELATIONSHIP OF BODY & SOUL. Learn how a spiritual understanding of the body’s role in your spiritual journey can realign your relationship with it, freeing you from dysfunctional thoughts and behavior regarding food, body image and physical intimacy.

This isn’t a course in self-discipline, but in many ways it is a course in self-love. You will interrupt old patterns by replacing them with something beautiful and good. For where there is light, darkness cannot be. Where there is a connection to the sacred, compulsion and self-betrayal cannot stand. In the presence of the real you, all that is not you will simply fall away.

Join Marianne for this phenomenal teaching, and begin a new relationship with yourself, your body, and God.

You’ll receive four hours of teaching, including:

  • 4 Audio Teachings to listen to on your favorite device — desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 
  • Detailed Class Notes — from Marianne — to accompany each module.
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