A Course in Miracles says we think we have many different problems but we really only have one, and that is our separation from God. Not that the separation really exists, but we think it does. And to the extent that we allow ourselves to be separate from one another, to that extent we feel separate from God.

On the level of Mind there’s only a vast sea of oneness, in which all of us are one with God and with each other. Every thought of attack, defense, blame, judgment, guilt, superiority, inferiority, whatever other walls the ego erects, keeps us from inner peace because it keeps us from our experience of the love that is who we are.

I had a healing session the other day where someone told me that I have to forgive everyone. Everyone. It has taken me on a journey facing my resistance to doing that. Who wants to forgive someone we just don’t like? But forgiveness doesn’t mean condoning. It just means realizing that the personality self is like a veil that stands before the light of who we truly are. That that’s the truth of other people and the truth of who we are as well.

It’s so exhausting, so embittering to carry around hate and judgement and blame. I find that in those moments when I achieve the realm of true forgiveness, I feel so much lighter and more relaxed. That doesn’t mean I agree with someone I didn’t agree with before. Forgiveness doesn’t destroy your brain cells or make you less intelligent. It doesn’t take away your passion to make the world a better place. But it takes you to a place beyond this world, and from there you can better heal it.

The Course says you can extend your perception beyond what your eyes can see, to what your heart knows to be true. And in closing the gap between yourself and another, you help heal the world by healing your mind.

I used to do an exercise in my seminars where I would ask people to think of  the person towards whom they had the greatest judgment, then we would do a meditation where you had to  wash that person’s feet.

Much to think about these days. Much to ponder, much to forgive, and much to do.

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  • Maggie Pucci says:

    Forgiveness of others may one day lead me to forgiveness of myself for all the wrongs I caused. The pain in knowing my adult son suffers from PTSD because he was subjected to an abusive person because I was too broken to fix me and save us both. He and I have a great relationship but knowing I caused this nearly broke me.

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