Further Reflections On A Course In Miracles

Never more moved!

“What can be said of Marianne Williamson. I've read and reread. It's life changing - her approach to life, love and change. Every sentence is profound - her words like velvet. No one, write's like Ms. Williamson. A fresh, uplifting view of work, relationships, life, and love.
(Miss G.)


“Once when I was young, I went to Paris with a man who enchanted me as much as the city did. Our efforts to make the trip and the adventures we had there are memories I’ll hold dear forever. But decades later, there was another man. And when the subject of Paris came up, one quick glance said it all.

Both of us had been there, I could tell, and both of us had loved there; I could feel it. Both of us had had dreams come true there, and both of us had had dreams die there. We didn’t even have to have the conversation, so clear it was in that one split-second glance that both of us knew all sides of it. I realized then that where we had gone in that moment — not in spite of the years we’d lived but clearly because of them — was a place more enchanting that Paris.”

– Marianne Williamson, The Gift of Change