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How to Work Miracles

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How to Work Miracles:

Living the Principles of A Course in Miracles

Five-Part Online Course with Marianne Williamson

To effect real change in our lives, we must change our perceptions. And such a fundamental shift in thinking, from change on the level of effect to change on the level of cause, is a miracle. By making such changes we ourselves become miracle-workers — with the ability to change not only ourselves but also the world around us.

Whether you’re a student of A Course in Miracles or someone who hasn’t really delved in yet: if you want guidance on how to live the principles of the Course – including the option of an online community of like-minded companions doing the same – Marianne Williamson’s online course is for you.


Topics Covered in this Course:

Working Miracles: The Plan of the Teachers of God
A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love, delivering us from the mental tyranny of obsession with past or future to the inner peace of a Holy Instant. All of us are called to be part of a Great Awakening on the earth today, as we change our thinking and thus change the world.

Miraculous Relationships
Relationships are assignments, in which people are brought together with maximal opportunities for soul growth. Relationships are either conduits of love or conduits of fear, with the power to either heal or hurt.

The Role of the Holy Spirit
God has placed within our minds an Internal Teacher, with the power to take us back to love when we are lost in fear. The Holy Spirit is a “gentle bridge of perception,” authorized to return us to inner peace when we willingly place our thinking under His guidance.

Real Forgiveness
We can have a grievance or we can have a miracle, but we cannot have both. When we’re willing to overlook the guilt in our brother to the innocence which lies beyond, we are freed from the pain of guilt that we otherwise project onto ourselves.

The Salvation of the World
The only thing to be saved from is our own fear-based thinking. The healing of the Son of God lies in dismantling of the ego’s thought system that now dominates the world, and accepting instead the divine Alternative of the Holy Spirit’s love.

About the Course Experience:

  • The body of the course consists of five instructional videos from Marianne, where she guides us through the main principles of A Course in Miracles.
  • There is an Private Online Community Forum for participants to share their experiences and support each other in learning and practicing the ideas in the course.
  • Recordings of two online calls with Marianne where she expounded on the ideas in the course, answered questions, and did live coaching with original course participants are included.
  • Bonus Material Includes: The Basics of A Course in Miracles two-part lecture series in downloadable audio, Miraculous Relationships lecture on video, The Meaning of Forgiveness lecture on Video, Living Without Fear lecture on Video.
  • Audio downloads of the course videos are also included.
  • You will enjoy lifetime, permanent access to all materials

Join Marianne as she walks you through the main ideas in A Course in Miracles, clarifying its principles to make their practical application more simple. Allow this course to remind you of the keys to miracle-mindedness and how they can transform your life forever.

Womanhood Now

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Three-Day Recorded Seminar

Womanhood Now

'The story doesn’t begin with grown women being mistreated in the workplace or in the press. It begins with innocent little girls
who become convinced, for whatever reason, that the girl within them isn’t good enough.'

–from A Woman’s Worth

Seven-Part Recorded Seminar

Originally produced as a three-day seminar called A WOMAN'S WEEKEND, this seven-part recording is a very personal look at your own life: your past, your interior world, your relationships to people, work and power, and most importantly of all, your relationship to God. In that primary relationship – our holy connection to the spiritual ground of our being – we find healing, repair, and the ability to rise up and do for others what love has done for us.

The on-demand course includes three days of content presented in seven parts of video plus downloadable audio to listen to on the go. Your purchase includes lifetime access to the material.
Buy Now for $249

Starting Over: Three-Day Recorded Seminar

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Starting Over with Marianne Williamson

Three-day recorded seminar


This recorded seminar was initially produced as a New Year’s Eve Weekend at the end of 2017.

The principles involved in letting go one phase of our lives and letting in a new one applies to any life transition, decluttering of old energies, or period of change.

The on-demand seminar includes three days of content presented in six parts of video plus downloadable audio to listen to on the go. Your purchase includes lifetime access to the material.

May what you see and hear here be a blessing on your life…

Teaching the Teachers: 10 Days, 35 Years of Wisdom

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Teaching the Teachers

Ten Days, Thirty-Five Years of Wisdom

Discover the keys to a successful career

Calling all teachers, healers, leaders, therapists, life coaches, spiritual guides, and anyone aspiring to be a beacon of light and love in this world.

In this 10-day course, Marianne Williamson shares 35 years of experience to help you connect with the deepest version of yourself and effectively offer that wisdom to others.

Aging Miraculously

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Aging Miraculously

Dear Friends,

With every decade, we go through developmental stages — no less as adults than as children.

Yet the developmental stages of adulthood are less well researched and investigated than the stages of childhood.

And having been through a few decades myself, I’m very aware that there is a lot to unpack as we get older! One of my favorite quotes is from Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach: “In youth we learn, in age we understand.”

I have created a new online course, AGING MIRACULOUSLY, in order to apply miracle-minded principles to the creation of a powerful Chapter Three. How do we repudiate a purely worldly perspective on age, and embrace instead a spiritual context that allows us to expand our experience beyond what we’ve been led to expect?

Read below my description of the material in the course, and see whether or not it carries information that would serve you. I hope it does.

All my best,


While the body ages, the soul does not. The more we identify with the soul, the more we identify with what is ageless.

Enlightenment, according to A Course in Miracles, is a shift in self-perception from body-identification to spirit-identification.

Aging miraculously is a byproduct of the journey towards enlightenment, as we repudiate thoughts of scarcity and fear and consciously embrace thoughts of limitlessness and love.

As we age, we need to discipline our thinking to counter worldly stereotypes that otherwise limit our thoughts and opportunities. We must support each other in resisting the notions of diminished possibility simply handed to us by a voracious ego. We can consciously choose to affirm a higher truth: that the miraculous possibilities of a limitless universe are not affected by the age of the body.

Allow Marianne to guide you through the miracle-minded principles that uplift our thinking about age, transforming the experience from one of fear and anxiety to enthusiasm and joy.

You will have lifetime access to the AGING MIRACULOUSLY Course; you can watch it as many times as you like, deepening your understanding of the principles.

The course consists of four instructional videos, downloadable audios of the videos to play on the go, and an expansive body of class notes that Marianne has written specifically for this course.

Journey with Marianne and a community of like-minded individuals through this four-part course that will fundamentally change your thinking about age. Be part of a revolution in consciousness with profound implications for your own life and for society at large.


The price for the Course is $249. A two-month payment plan is available.


If you have any questions about the course, please write to us at


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Never in history has there been a more critical time for us to find within ourselves the light that casts out all darkness and the limitlessness that transcends limitation. Not only for yourself– but for the world which we are here to serve — join me in digging deep to discover the hidden gold of your true self. Turn your worldly career into a manifestation of your greatest gifts given to the world, joyfully and effortlessly and lovingly.


Whether you’re seeking your life’s work or looking to transform the career you already have, let Marianne Williamson teach you the internal dynamics of a powerful career.

The is a recently released video version of a life-changing weekend with one of the world’s most renowned inspirational leaders.  Marianne guides you through a complete re-thinking and re-visioning of your work.

These shifts in thinking will produce miraculous results not only in your career but in all areas of your life.

Begin Anytime! $149 for permanent access.


If you have any questions about the course, please write to us at


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PURCHASE HERE for instant, on-demand access.

On the Convergence of Woman, Goddess, and Lover

The Online, On-Demand version of Marianne’s highly acclaimed THE APHORODITE TRAINING, three-day seminar has just been released! The original seminar was recorded live in October 2015. Now, for the first time, you can enjoy instant, on-demand video access to this special seminar and keep forever.

Trying to integrate the differing areas of life — spiritual, and physical, professional and romantic — is a modern woman’s hero’s journey. All are important to us, presenting specific challenges and demands.  Yet too often they can feel as though they’re competing with each other, leaving us bereft in one area even if we’re succeeding at another.

Our deepest longing is to bring them all together. THE APHRODITE TRAINING is designed to help you do that: to blend your worldly and romantic desires harmoniously and synergistically. Our goal is to find the place where our spiritual, worldly and romantic selves all live within us as a garden and not a competition.

Many contemporary women now embody the Greek goddess Athena, while craving a visit from the goddess Aphrodite. Embodying Athena, we attract worldly achievement; embodying Aphrodite, we attract love. We can embody as many goddesses we are willing to make room for in our psyches, and for those who seek a deeper romance, it serves to embody Aphrodite for she is the goddess of romantic love. “Aphrodite’s temple” is a real psychic vortex, as is any divine space, with steps to be climbed in order to enter. There are both external and internal stairs to climb before entering Aphrodite’s temple, and all of them can be learned.  At THE APHRODITE TRAINING, we will approach her with reverence and love.

It is time for a more enlighten, holistic feminism. In A COURSE IN MIRACLES it is written that it’s not our job to seek for love, but only to seek within ourselves all the barriers we hold against its coming. At THE APHRODITE TRAINING, we will seek and we will find. I hope you will join me as we honor and cultivate the woman, the goddess, and the lover within you.


If you have any questions about the course, please write to us at


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Your relationship to your body might be an area where your nervous system has lost the memory of its divine intelligence. As you remember your own divine truth, the cells of your body will remember theirs. The goal of this course is to remind your body of its perfection by reminding your mind of its perfection. By resetting one, you reset the other.  —From A Course In Weight Loss

Join internationally acclaimed New York Times bestselling author and lecturer Marianne Williamson for her Four-Part Online Course called THE DIVINE RELATIONSHIP OF BODY & SOUL. Learn how a spiritual understanding of the body’s role in your spiritual journey can realign your relationship with it, freeing you from dysfunctional thoughts and behavior regarding food, body image and physical intimacy.

Compulsion is a place where, in your spiritual forgetfulness, you go temporarily insane – just long enough to reach for the excess food or addictive substance, cut yourself, or choose an unhealthy sexual experience. Lost in this forgetfulness, you become confused in your thinking and are unable to say “No” when something truly harmful to your well-being is posing as a supportive and loving friend. Divine Mind is the counterforce to this temporary insanity; when you are lost in moments of spiritual forgetfulness, it will remind you who you are. —From A Course in Weight Loss

This isn’t a course in self-discipline, but in many ways it is a course in self-love. You will interrupt old patterns by replacing them with something beautiful and good. For where there is light, darkness cannot be. Where there is a connection to the sacred, compulsion and self-betrayal cannot stand. In the presence of the real you, all that is not you will simply fall away.

Join Marianne for this phenomenal teaching, and begin a new relationship with yourself, your body and God.

Begin anytime for $149!


If you have any questions about the course, please write to us at